How Does It Work?

At Get Trained all you need to do is fill in your business details and the type of employee you are looking for, including the necessary background and training that is required. From our database of potential employees, we search for qualified matches and send you the resumes. It is that easy. You review the list we provide and can then decide to interview the matches you determine are appropriate.

Collaborative Consultation Process

Experienced Vetting Practices

Large Database of Local Candidates

Advanced Candidate Screening Technology

How We Train Workers

We will only refer those workers that have the education, training and experience that relates to your requirements. We have the ability to have candidates trained in WHMIS, Smart Serve, and other customer service skills. If we don't have a match for you, we will broaden our search of other candidates through community partners and other options for posting your positions to the general public.

How We Find Workers

We find employees through the Employment Innovations Initiative. This program helps to find appropriate employees for employers. The potential employees come from a pool of trained, ready-to-work individuals who are actively seeking employment.

How We Make it Accessible

We are trying to streamline the opportunities for businesses to register employment opportunities easily and want to ensure the best trained and qualified potential employees are referred to these meaningful employment opportunities.

We are currently working with employment service providers throughout the area that actively seek employment opportunities for clients. It is our ultimate goal to help these partners fill training gaps and find easier ways for employers to find the trained workers they are looking for.

We want to build a database of employers that are seeking full-time, part-time, contract, seasonal, and temporary employees, but most importantly, we want to make this work for you - the employer. Minimizing employee turn over, the time it takes to hire and train employees, and ensuring the right fit between employers and employees benefits everyone!

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