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Welcome to Get Trained Workers, your one-stop shop for trained, qualified employees. We realize that in business, time is money - this website has been designed to help you deal with that very issue. A business needs efficient employees to function, but finding those employees can sometimes be a time consuming, labour intensive, and costly process. We're here to help.

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What employers are saying:

"Get Trained Workers has been the first point of contact for my team for over 5 years now. The quality of applicants that we get is incredible. To date, every hired applicant has excelled at their position. Finding the right people can be very difficult, so every applicant we get from Get Trained Workers are highly regarded."

Pat Lynch
General Manager, Staples

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What employers are saying:

"I would like to say that Get Trained Workers gives you an alternative to filling difficult positions without the hassle. Also the contacts at Get Trained are very professional and care about the well-being of both parties that they are helping to find permanent employment."

Former Operations Manager
Miller Waste Systems